Geodetic works

The Company carries out the following types of geodetic works:

- earth surface areas measurements with the results presenting in e-graphic and e-tabular documents 

- points mutual position determination, points planned and high position with the given accuracy determination

- geometric and trigonometric leveling: grade lines building, leveling according to the areas, gantry rails leveling

- gantry rails technical inspection with instrumental measurement according to normative documents demands

- observation graticules for hydraulic structures construction development

- cyclic observations for constructions foundations deformation determination with the given accuracy and reports presenting

- special graticules by the method of triangulation, trilateration, polygonometry and with the marks relative to the points of hydraulic structures construction development   

- land measuring of vast scales (1:200, 1:500, 1:1000, 1:2000, 1:5000)

- land measuring results  drawing on the whatman in conventional signs for topographic plans of the appropriate scale

- existing plans proofreading with additional shooting of the situation in the given scale

- full size situation getting according to the existing technical documentation

- astroaz determination  accurate within 15'', 30'', 60''