Hydrographical works

“Global-Marine” Ltd. performs the hydrographical works on the sea, lakes, rivers, reservoirs and on the other water areas.

The purpose of hydrographical works is the study of the bottom relief in order to provide the safe navigation, for operational, geological, design and exploratory and other works purposes.

One of the types of hydrographical works, fulfilled by “Global-Marine” Ltd., is bottom relief observation by the sounding, sounding with the bottom relief assessment, and also area hydrolocational survey of the area of water for underwater obstacles and foreign objects on the bottom searching.

Work content, scales of the report plane tables, demands to the report materials are defined by the work customer and agreed by the executer.

All the works are fulfilled by the contemporary high-precision devices and instruments. The Company has the echo-sounding devices (fixed-frequency and double-frequency), side-looking sonar, satellite navigational gear DGPS of geodesic grade of accuracy, electronic theodolite and range finder, field laptops and office computers. One uses the modern technologies and methods of work fulfilling, which is agreeable to guidelines standards, and makes possible to hold the level of the fulfilled works on the high qualitative level.

The Company has enough floating means for works on any coastal waters fulfilling. Hydrographical equipment complex mobility provides the possibility of its setting on any carrier.

The experienced specialists are in head of hydrographical works. The group of specialist from time to time has a special technical training, practical training and proper certification.

“Global-Marine” Ltd.  has introduced Quality Management System; it is working according to international standard ISO 9001:2009.

The Company carries out the hydrographical works under Shipping Register of Ukraine technical control. As a result of control, the customer of sounding gets from Register the certificate about depth correspondence. This certificate gives the right on berths, channels and areas of water use.

The specialists of “Global-Marine” Ltd. fulfilled the works on the following sites:

- Sevastopol Sea Fish Port (Sevastopol)

- Sevastopol Sea Trade Port (Sevastopol)

- Yevpatorian Sea Trade Port (Yevpatoriya)

- Nikilayevskiy Potassium Terminal «Nika-Terra» (Nikolayev)

- Stevedoring Company "Avlita" (Sevastopol)

- Autoterminal (Sevastopol)

- Sevastopol Ship-repair Yard … (Sevastopol)

- Kerch Ferry (Kerch)

- «Golden Fish» (Sevastopol)

-«Moby-Dike» (Sevastopol)

- “Laguna” complex (South Coast of Crimea)

- Health resort «Slavutich» (South Coast of Crimea)

- Health resort «Dnieper» (South Coast of Crimea)

- Youth Centre “Artek” (South Coast of Crimea)

- Underwater gas inverted siphon (Sevastopol)

- Water areas around the berths of Corporation “Akar” (Sevastopol)

- yacht club «Yug» (Sevastopol)

- Mokryanskiy quarry № 3 (Zaporoj’ye)

and others.

On many of the sites, pointed above, the works were fulfilled many times.

The hydrographical support of dredging, hydro technical construction, survey of the lines of underwater water intakes and water outlets, coast-protecting structures, beaches on the different sites of Crimea were fulfilled.

Also the works for setting vessels afloat in Black and Azov Seas were fulfilled:

- tanker «Yujniy» (region of port Sevastopol)

- m/v «Alushta» (region of port Sevastopol)

- m/v «Cassiopeia» (region of port Yesk)

- m/v «Fenix» (region of port Belgorod-Dnestrovskiy)

- m/v «Vera Voloshina» (region og cape Meganom)

“Global-Marine” Ltd. will render the Customer assistance in requirements specification forming; give the consultation in appropriate choice of work content and all the details. The surveying group will carry out the field works in any region in shortest time and with least costs. The work will be fulfilled in corpora and in proper quality.  After field materials working up the report plane table of the given coordinate system and the projections with the marked depths of any level given by the customer will be made. On request of the customer the plane table may be presented in electronic form for further use.

While topographo-geodesic, hydrographic and diving works simultaneously carrying out, the customer gets the fullest, reliable and quality information about the object.

“Global-Marine” Ltd. – is always honest work of high quality and total information!