About us

     The Company "Global-Marine" was created on the basis of well known, good characterized in the sphere of marine services and works Company "Crimea-Marine-Service".

      During the last 14 years the specialists of the Company has done servicing of more than 600 vessels, half-dippening stationary drill platform, 150 berthes , and other hydraulic engineering structures . It has successfully completed wrecking on m/v "Xenoula M" (1998), ship salvaging works on m/v "Kristina" (1999), on destroyer type 30 BIS (2000), on car ferry (2001), and on refrigerating trawler "Achuyevskiy", refloating from shore of tanker " Yuzhniy " (2003), wrecking on m/v " Sunwind " in Somali (2003), elevating of "Bentos-300" (2004) , "Rovno" raising (2006-2007), m/v "Vera Voloshina" refloating,  inshore boat "Yug" raising.

      The Company is represented by high-class specialists applying at work modern equipment. 

 GLOBAL-MARINE has licence for carrying out works of inspection, repair and construction of hydraulic engineering structures. By order of Gosstroy and State supervision of labour safety of Ukraine the company was recognized as specialized organization to perform certification of hydraulic engineering structures. By order of State Department of Marine and River Transport the company was included to the list of organizations, recommended as carrying out the port and ship-repair plant berths certification. The company is recognised by Ukrainian and Russian Marine Register, by Det Norske Veritas, has an admission of State service of mining supervision and industrial safety of Ukraine for carrying out dangerous operations , an admission of State Department of Marine and River Transport for work in ports and ship-repair plants of Ukraine . It has a certification of Ukrainian Marine Register for carrying out of the sounding works .

   GLOBAL-MARINE has developed and introduced quality management system according to international standard ISO 9001:2009 .



GLOBAL-MARINE provides the following servicing:

- wrecking, salvaging

- underwater-technical, diving:

     - inspection of the  vessel's underwater hull, floating half-deepening and self-lifting drill platforms by the inspector of the Register via underwater TV

       - vessel's underwater hull survey

       - repair of the vessel’s underwater hull with application of underwater welding and cutting

       - elimination of emergency damages in vessel's underwater hull, rudder - propeller complex and other devices

        - clearing of vessel’s underwater hull, polishing of screw propeller

        - inspection of underwater part of marine stationary platforms

        - inspection, repair of underwater pipe lines, water scoops and water-discharges

        - inspection, repair of hydraulic engineering structures

        - underwater blasting works

- marine-hydrotechnical works:

        - construction and repair of hydraulic engineering structures

        - construction and repair of underwater pipe lines

- design works:

         - development of the work projects of hydraulic engineering structures construction, reconstruction and repair

         - inspection and certification of hydraulic engineering structures

- hydrographical works (sounding)

- topogeodetic works


Director of "Global-Marine" Ltd. Globenko V.K.